High-Street Retailer

Aspect helped this High Street Retailer achieve its goal to be the most accessible AGM for Shareholders.
We led them through the process of running the first hybrid AGM held in the UK by a FTSE100 company.
This involved Shareholders being invited to the AGM or being able to participate online via an AGM app which gave them full voting and question-asking rights.
Remote Shareholders were able to follow proceedings via the AGM app watching the presentations by webcast.  Similar to the Shareholders attending physically in the AGM hall, they were able to cast their vote at any time using the AGM app.
They were also able to ask a question at any time.  Aspect’s Question Management software meant that we were able to seamlessly integrate on-line questions with questions in the AGM hall – keeping the Chairman in full control of the meeting. Shareholders participating in the physical meeting were able to cast their votes using eVoting handsets.
Both votes cast in the room and those on the app were added together instantly at the end of the meeting to determine the result.  Those online questions that were not covered in the meeting were then given a full response to after.

Beverage Company

Prior to Aspect’s appointment, this beverage company’s AGMs ran over budget and suffered from diminishing attendance.
Years of experience has taught us where to focus our attention as well as highlighted the areas that can be streamlined. This foresight enabled us to devise a cost-effective solution, whilst ensuring the delivery of a high impact event our client could be proud of.

“The Aspect team did an outstanding job on our AGM in a year when we had a new CEO and an outgoing chair. I very much look forward to working with them next year,”
Deputy Company Secretary.

National Bank

Aspect has been working with this bank for over a decade and in that time, we’ve continued to adapt our approach to meet the company’s changing needs and aspirations. The current priority is efficiency, both in terms of cost effective communication and timing.
Every year, we reassess the budget, the production process and the specific elements needed on-site to achieve the most effective and efficient event. Much of this has been technology led.
We recently introduced webcasting, enabling us to reach an additional 400 stakeholders. We also introduced our bespoke ‘Question Registration’ technology, which ensures all questions are heard and allows the Board to digest them in advance. It also means an appropriate specialist can answer any questions that are deemed unwarranted for the meeting itself.

“The benchmark of a good AGM producer is honesty. This is something Aspect has in spades. The team isn’t afraid to challenge the brief, outline the impact of any changes we want to make and find a workable solution. Few people are invited into the Boardroom on the day of the AGM. The fact that one of the Aspect team is always requested, is a testament to the confidence they inspire.”
Group Secretariat.

Energy Supplier

In the decade in which we have worked with this client, the brief has remained the same – the cost-effective delivery of an engaging and involving shareholder experience.
A key priority is the creation of a business showcase that is both interactive and visually interesting.
One year this meant incorporating a 30ft pylon into the display.
Through the delivery of a proven project management process and a deepening appreciation of our client’s business, we have reduced costs year-on-year, whilst maintaining the exceptional quality of the experience.

“The Aspect team has all the right ingredients. They are technically superb, politically sensitive and budget conscious. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficient running of the event, while also keeping the format fresh. We welcome their consultancy and ability to draw on their deep experience to increase the positive impact of the day,”
Head of Company Secretariat.

Advisory Company

The AGM for this large advisory and operating company was logistically complex. With the Board in Guernsey and the shareholders in London, it had to take place simultaneously in two locations, whilst delivering an engaging experience and keeping costs to a minimum.
Comprehensive rehearsals took place in both locations to ensure seamless delivery to the highest standard, whilst our ‘Question Registration’ service enabled shareholders to pose questions, which the Board could answer live.
An online collaborative workspace was also provided to ensure the Company Secretary could remain in constant contact with the teams in both London and Guernsey.

The result was a flawless meeting that took place annually for 4 years.