About Us

Aspect was founded by Simon King-Cline and Ben Hillson in 1997 with one goal, to be the best AGM production company in the business.

21 years later, we are the unrivalled leader in our field. With up to 20 major meetings produced every year, we deliver more AGMs than any other provider, enjoy long-standing relationships with our clients and have achieved one of the highest Net Promoter scores in our industry.

Aspect’s secret is the depth of its experience and expertise, which ensures the flawless delivery of an exceptional event for the Board and every stakeholder.

100% of Aspect’s clients would recommend us to a colleague or peer.

“The team is detail focused, technically savvy and communicates effectively with stakeholders at every level,”
Co Sec, FTSE 100 Company


Simon King-Cline, Founder

Simon’s first AGM was for TSB in 1989. Since then he has built a reputation for his expertise in shareholder engagement. He is the industry’s go-to expert for briefing Board members, preparing them for their presentations and coaching in the art of the Q&A. Simon is also a prominent champion of young entrepreneurship. Through Aspect’s pioneering CSR initiative, theupside.biz, he partners with some of the country’s leading high schools, universities and business schools. His mission – to inspire entrepreneurial
spirit, attitude and intent in today’s school leavers and university graduates.

He is a “business mentor in residence” at the Cass London Business School. He regularly runs talks, seminars and mentoring sessions with 10 universities and business schools including Cass, Edinburgh, Warwick, Brunel and Kent.

Ben Hillson, Founder

With over three decades of experience, Ben is one of the UK’s leading authorities on AGM production. In his 30+ years working in the industry, he has helped clients to produce their inaugural AGMs, produced some of the world’s first multi-site meetings and at 11,000 people, produced some of the largest meetings in the UK.

Ben specialises in Board preparation, large scale meetings and venue design.

Jo Randle, CEO

Jo leads the AGM programme at Aspect. Working across a diverse range of industry sectors and driving the production of meetings of different scope and scale, her insight into best practice and understanding of key trends is unsurpassed.
She specialises in supporting the strategic thinking that helps ensure the achievement of her clients’ KPIs, whether that be greater simplification, increased engagement or cost control.

Jo is driven by the buzz of the production process, interaction with multiple stakeholders and working closely with the Co Sec team to support the Board. Jo has also written and developed training/familiarisation programmes that help prepare the Board before the AGM.