Question registration

Presenting the opportunity to air their views and get answers to burning questions, the Q&A is often the most important part of the AGM for shareholders. However, for the Board and Co Sec, this unscripted and potentially contentious portion of the programme is often a key area of concern. Enabling them to gather and prepare for questions prior to the session, question management systems are proving to be a vital tool for ensuring the efficient and effective running of the Q&A.
Aspect’s industry leading Question Registration system is the product of two decades of experience and expertise in Q&A management, offering a comprehensive portfolio of features including question capture and queuing, answer preparation, information sharing and question ordering. Aspect finds that with a question management approach the Q&A length is significantly reduced and the Chairman is fully in control knowing key themes that are likely to come up, along with knowing the full name and details of those in front of them asking the questions.

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